Wuxi Chunqiu Slewing Ring CO.,LTD. Located in Wanshi Development Zone, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, it is a professional slewing bearing manufacturing company integrating design, development and manufacturing. The company has excellent facilities, strong production capacity, strong technical force and complete testing equipment. Through ISO9001-2000 quality management certification and won a variety of certificates and honors, products are widely used in construction machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, wind power generation, light industry machinery and other fields.

Wuxi Chunqiu Slewing Ring CO.,LTD.
Service idea
Seiko manufacturing meets customer requirements

Certification and qualification
Multiple certificates and honors

Quality assurance
The company is well-equipped, all kinds of testing equipment are complete

After-sale service
Free technical support, after-sales worry free

Sales Tel:0510-87857580-0 Tech Tel:0510-87857580-8050 Email:sales@js-cq.com.cn Factory address:Industry section (the north) Wanshi town
Yixing Jiangsu

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